Energy Rebates – California Energy Rebates – Utility Company Sponsorship

To assist customers with energy efficiency, many of today’s utility companies offer rebate programs to residential and commercial customers alike. However, these programs are not without their red tape – and many consumers can become discouraged from participating because of it. For this reason, Dykier Engineering offers energy rebate procurement services to simplify and streamline the process for you.

Our utility company sponsorship services involve creative techniques that find the best programs for each of our clients. We don’t rely on weak, “off the shelf” calculations to simulate the amount of energy saved throughout the year; instead, we offer:

  • Reliable, intricate calculations to help you garner significant rebates from electric and gas companies
  • Services that may help qualify your company for rebates substantial enough to offset installation costs
  • Lease financing options that can further safeguard your energy budget

Finally, we don’t limit ourselves to working with customers of local utility companies in Southern California. Our utility company rebate equipment is effective for consumers nationwide. For more information on energy rebates and utility company sponsorship, contact Dykier Engineering to request an onsite or telephone consultation.


Federal tax rebates:

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State of California:

2011 Federal Tax Credits for Consumer Energy Efficiency:

US Dept of Energy Recycling Program:

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